4x4 Rental Insurance

Insurance Summary and Options


Additional and required insurance choices are available in addition to your rental car. Please be aware that regardless of who caused the accident or who is at fault, the client is always responsible for the damages to the rental car up to the level of excess that was selected. This means that it also applies if a third party is to blame for the accident or damages.

 Excess (N$)Rate (N$/day)
Option 130 000120
Option 215 000180
Option 37 500200
Option 40345
Windscreen & Tyre0132

On the day of the rental, a hold will be placed on the client’s credit card for the excess amount payable, as specified in the various options, in case the vehicle is damaged.

The Parties must inspect the vehicle and fill up a vehicle inspection report when the lessor receives the vehicle from the lessee. The Lessor maintains the right to only vouch for the condition of the Vehicle following a thorough cleaning, a mechanical check, and a thorough examination of the Equipment and extras. After the vehicle has been returned to the lessor, the lessee will be notified of the cost of any damage to the vehicle or equipment within 7 (seven) working days.

Vehicle theft2
Personal belongings 
24/7 Breakdown assistance
Physical damage to the vehicle3
Personal injury/death 
Camping equipment 
Damages to the clutch 
  1. If your tire develops a puncture, you can have it repaired for no additional cost. You should replace a damaged tire with a new one if it cannot be repaired; otherwise, you will be charged for a new tire when you return. Before replacing a tire, please always get in touch with us because tires that are the wrong size or standard won’t be accepted.
  2. If the customer acted responsibly, the car was locked, and the client can supply the original car keys, the theft of the automobile is covered.
  3. The insurance will not pay for damage to the car brought on by carelessness. Below is a list of additional elements that will render all insurance useless.

Factors that will negate all insurance & cover:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or other chemical or narcotic that is banned.
  • Criminally negligent behavior.
  • On tarmac and gravel roads, speeding.
  • Unlicensed drivers.
  • The renting duration being extended without permission.
  • Ignoring the norms and regulations governing driving, roads, and traffic.
  • Not contacting the Namibian Police right away after an accident or loss.
  • Not informing GoRent 4×4 Car Hire right away after an accident or loss.
  • Unsafe or inappropriate driving.
  • Any driving off-road.
  • Rentals across borders without permission.
  • Inability to produce keys in the event of vehicle theft.
  • Omitting to provide the most recent location

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